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Posted February 8, 2019
Psychometrist available for contract work

I am a psychometrist (BA, Psychology) available to administer and score psychological tests, write psychology reports, and provide administrative support to psychologists. Furthermore, I have significant experience in research, administration, and technology support.

Highlights of my experience include:
- Administration of psychological tests (WISC, WAIS, WPPSI, SB, WIAT, WRAT)
- Scoring of the psychological tests listed above, as well as numerous behavioral, adaptive, and mental health questionnaires
- File reviews to gain background information via online and paper health records
- Writing sections of the psychology report (e.g. background, results, behavioral observations)
- Development and management of data repositories

My skills, experience and education, enable me to offer excellent, reliable and professional psychometrist services to registered psychologists. Feel free to contact me to talk further - resume and references also available.

Wendy Frasca

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