Public Education Resource Library

Welcome to PAA’s resource library!  Here you will find fact sheets, tip sheets, press releases, and links to great resources.

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Fact Sheets

Adolescent Anxiety

Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Substance Abuse Risks

Adolescents - Normal Behaviour

Adolescents - Parenting Strategies for Success

American Election Results

American Election Self Care Post Inauguration



Eating Disorders

Effective Advocacy within Primary Health Care Systems

Hate Crimes

News Exhaustion

Post Partum Depression

Prevention & Fiscal Wisdom

Psychological Benefits of Volunteerism

Psychology – A Regulated Profession

PTSD & Trauma

Social Media Stress

Stress & Youth

Stress & Resilience



Tip Sheets

PEC Media Training Manual

Key Tips for Psychologists Working in the Media

10 Tips for a Good Presentation

PAA or CAP: Who Do I Call First?

Honourific Sample Letter


Press Releases

PHWI Award Winners

Manulife – Mental Health Benefits Increase




Referral Service Brochure

Recommended Fee Schedule

The Value of Choosing A Psychologist

Psychology Works Brochures

School Psychology Services

Psychological Services in Primary Health Care

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Clinical Supervision in professional Psychology in Alberta On the Go (Manual)

Other Resources


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