February is National Psychology Month!

2019 Theme -- The Value of Choosing a Psychologist


February is an excellent opportunity for all of us to let the public know what psychology offers. Psychology Month raises awareness of the role that psychology plays in our lives, our schools, our communities, & our employment.

In 2018, PAA & you (our members) participated in a variety of events for public education and to promote the profession.

We build on those successes last year with an exciting campaign.

Get Involved

Be Creative

Review last year’s activities and develop your own ideas …view. We’re here to help and offer the following materials to assist with your psychology month promotion.


Help us Help a Local Library

Download this letter, fill in your name and the name of your local library, and either drop it off in person or in the mail. It’s a great way to influence communities that takes little time.


Join our Social Media Campaign

We boost our social media during psychology month on our Facebook. Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Follow us, repost or retweet our offerings, and tag us in your own. Hashtag #choosepsych 


Share your Successes

Let us know your Psychology Month activities! paa@paa-ab.ca


Share your Ideas

for future campaigns brittany@paa-ab.ca


Together We (all members) are the PAA

 The Mission of the PAA is to advance the science-based profession of psychology & to promote the well-being & potential of all Albertans