Providers for Alberta Human Services


In January 2016, the Ministry of Human Services (HS) will be asking current and prospective service providers who wish to be considered for future business with HS to apply to be on one or more province-wide Pre-Qualified Resource (PQR) lists for the following four major service categories:

  • Services to individuals with disabilities (division-specific)
  • Child and family services (division-specific)
  • Transportation services (ministry-wide)
  • Specialized assessments and consultation with health professionals (ministry-wide)


Service Category Information


Services to Individuals with Disabilities (Division-Specific) PQRs

This document outlines the various PQR Service categories, including descriptions and examples of services within each category for individuals with disabilities. Download...


Child and Family Services (Division-Specific) PQRs

This document outlines the various PQR Service categories, including descriptions and examples of services within each category for individuals working with Child and Family Services Alberta. Download...


Starting in April 2016,  the majority of any new business offered by HS and encompassed under a PQR will be awarded to service providers that are on the approved PQR list.


What is a Pre-Qualified Resource List?

A PQR list is a list of service providers who have met the qualifications to provide services under a under a pre-qualified request and are ‘on the list’ and therefore eligible for future contracting work under the scope of the respective PQR.


Why is HS implementing PQRs?

  • Since HS was created, much work has been focused on aligning and integrating our policies and programs to create a system of high-quality, coordinated services.  Part of integrating our services means aligning multiple contract management and procurement practices into an integrated approach.
  • HS needs to move to a more transparent and client-focused means of procurement that provides an equal playing field for all service providers while maximizing the quality of services provided to Albertans. The primary objective of a PQR is to ensure fair, transparent and open access to qualified service providers so that Albertans can receive the services and supports they need.
  •  Procuring from a list of qualified resources helps to support clarity and consistency, making it clear which service providers are engaged by HS in serving Albertans’ needs. Albertans receiving services and supports are reassured that the service providers we contract with meet a consistent set of qualifications.
  • The use of PQR lists is considered good business practice and is also a requirement under the GoA’s Treasury Board directive on Procurement and Sole Sourcing, developed in response to Albertans’ expectations of transparency and accountability. The Directive explicitly states that government must use competitive procurement processes or, when sole sourcing is required, select from an approved list of vendors.
  •  By painting a clear picture of the range of included services that are required across the province, PQRs can also provide an opportunity for service providers to assess their interest in and capacity to expand their current operations, either beyond their current geographic reach, or by growing their service offering.
  • Finally, PQRs support the Ministry’s intention to shift to more open and competitive procurement approaches in the future. Once established, PQRs provide a flexible foundation for procurement activities, including competitive RFPs, limited competitions based on specific service requirements and, where required to ensure no interruption to critical services, sole-source arrangements. The selected approach will be based on consideration of a number of factors, including the nature of the services, need for service continuity and client choice, readiness and capacity of the sector, and status of regional integration efforts.


Specialized Assessments and Consultation with Health Professionals PQR


The types of services included in the Specialized Assessments & Consultation with Health Professionals PQR reflect those currently funded through Human Services across different program areas and include the following:

  • Assistive Technology Assessment
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Chronic Pain Assessment
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psycho-educational Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Safety/Risk Assessment
  • Vocational Assessment
  • Worksite Assessment
  • Multi-disciplinary Team Assessment
  • Consultation from Health Professionals


The service categories listed above are broadly described rather than defined based on specific program needs and may be applicable to various areas of the Ministry.

  • A number of program areas contract for psychological or other types of specialized assessments to assist in determining eligibility for a program or service, to identify client needs or inform decision-making about the provision of particular service or benefit.
  • A number of program areas also contract with health professionals for the purposes of providing consultation to program staff and/or contracted agencies.
  • Consultation from health professionals may be required to:review and interpret medical documentation, help inform decision-making about program eligibility or health benefit provision, and/or assist with understanding unique care requirements support service and outcome planning.
  • Ongoing direct clinical experience is not included in this PQR.
  • Direct behavioural supports are not included in this PQR. If you wish to be considered for this service, please apply to one or both of the division-specific (Services to Individuals with Disabilities or Child and Family Services) PQRs
  • It is important to note that for some service providers there is the need to get on more than one PQR List
  • As a general rule of thumb, if you provide a common services across program areas, you need to get on the Specialized Assessments and Consultation with Health Professionals PQR list. If you provide a service that is specific to a particular client group (e.g. individuals with disabilities or children in need, you need to get on one or both of those particular PQR lists (i.e. Services to Individuals with Disabilities or Child and Family Services).
  • For more information about the division-specific PQRs, please see the attached service categories and descriptions.


Child and Family Services PQR

The Child and Family Services Division is also running and PQR with a service category that includes specific psychological and therapeutic services.  For further information please review attached document that labelled Human Services Child and Family Services PQR Service Categories.


Key Dates for PQR Submissions

  • PQRs posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC): January 4, 2016. More.... 
  • PQRs close on APC: February 5, 2016


During the PQR open posting period, service providers must complete the PQR submission template and sign the master agreement and send it to the PQR Response Contact listed in the respective PQR


  • PQR lists evaluated and finalized by March 2016

PQR Evaluation Teams will assess all submissions against requirements and the PQR lists will be finalized by March 2016


Both successful and non-successful proponents will be notified


Information Resources

The Human Services website includes a section dedicated to Contracts & Procurement More...  

  • This page includes a number of information resources, including a PQR Communique, Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the shift to PQRs, and an online presentation used in the PQR Information Sessions.
  • You may also choose to contact your regional contract specialist/manager to get more information or advice.  Please respect that staff are bound by provisions and rules around fairness and competition, which means that, while they can speak broadly about the PQRs and answer your process-related questions, they can’t provide an unfair advantage to any prospective vendor. They won’t be able to tell you what the specific requirements will be to get on the PQR list or provide an exhaustive list of the services encompassed in each service basket (everyone will get this information at the same time – on January 4th when the PQRs are posted), nor can they provide any kind of assurance that you will get on the list.
  • If staff can’t answer your questions, they will direct them to the Human Services Contract Alignment Project team at