PAA Award Winners

Congratulations to previous PAA Award winners!


Lifetime Achievement & Excellence Awards


Psychologist of the Year Award

2017 Recipient: Dr. Jon Amundson

2015 Recipient: Dr. Michael Zwiers

2013 Recipient: Dr. Kerry Mothersill

2011 Recipient: Dr. R. Coranne Johnson

2010 Recipient: Dr. Jon Amundson

2009 Recipient: Ms. Sandra Dame (inaugural receipient)


Jean & Dick Pettifor Memorial Award 


2018 Recipient:  Dr. Magaret Anne Price

2013 Recipient:  Dr. Keith Dobson

2011 Recipient:  Dr. Robert van Mastrigt

2010 Recipient:  Dr. Thomas Dalby

2009 Recipient:  Dr. Michael King

2005 Recipient:  Mr. Gordon Stephenson

2004 Recipient:  Dr. Bonnie Haave

2003 Recipient:  Dr. Wendy Hawkins

2002 Recipient:  Dr. David F. Merchant

2001 Recipient:  Dr. Paul Green

2000 Recipient:  Dr. Ronna Jevne

1999 Recipient:  Dr. Jean Pettifor

1998 Recipient:  Dr. John G. Paterson

1997 Recipient:  Dr. Horst Mueller


John G. Paterson Media Award 


2015 Recipient:  Dr. Brent Macdonald

2013 Recipient:  Dr. Martin Mrazik

2011 Recipient:  Ms. Elizabeth Miles

2009 Recipient:  Dr. Ganz Ferrance

2008 Recipient:  Dr. Patrick Baillie

2006 Recipient:  Ms. Liane Faulder

2005 Recipient:  Dr. Henry Janzen

2004 Recipient:  Dr. Gene Flessati

2003 Recipient:  Ms. Gwen Randall-Young

2002 Recipient:  Dr. C. Donald Heth

2001 Recipient:  Dr. John G. Paterson


Juanita Chambers Excellence in Community Service Award


2008 Recipient:  The Honorable Marguerite Trussler

2003 Recipient:  Dr. Marianne Miles

2002 Recipient:  Dr. Lynda Phillips

2001 Recipient:  Ms. Eva Bereti

2000 Recipient:  Dr. Juanita Chambers


Excellence in Clinical Supervision Award

2018 Recipient:  Dr. Stuart Hoover

2017 Recipient:  Dr. Ceinwen Cumming
2015 Recipient:  Dr. Jim Eliuk
2013 Recipient:  Dr. Kim Maertz
2011 Recipient:  Dr. David C. Hodgins

2010 Recipient:  Dr. Stewart Longman

2009 Recipient:  Dr. Jim Evans

2008 Recipient:  Ms. Monique Jamin

2006 Recipient:  Dr. Linda Weaver

2006 Recipient:  Dr. Gayle Belsher

2005 Recipient:  Dr. Erik Wikman

2004 Recipient:  Dr. Judy Chew


Excellence in Teaching Psychology Award


2018 Recipient:  Dr. Jessica Van Vliet

2017 Recipient:  Dr. Adam McCrimmon

2015 Recipient:  Dr. Paul Jerry
2013 Recipient:  Mr. Robert Roughley
2011 Recipient:  Dr. Anthony Singhal
2010 Recipient:  Dr. Derek Truscott

2009 Recipient:  Dr. Erik Wikman

2008 Recipient:  Dr. Jamie Dyce

2005 Recipient:  Dr. Henry Janzen


Research Awards


Masters Thesis Research Award


2017 Recipient:  Ms. Laura Flanigan

2006 Recipient:  Ms. Lauren Haubert

2005 Recipient:  Ms. Regina Price

2004 Recipient:  Ms. Tula Paul

2003 Recipient:  Ms. Jennifer Boisvert


Doctoral Dissertation Research Award

2013  Recipient: Dr. Emma Climie
2011 Recipient:  Dr. Andrea Beck

2010 Recipient:  Dr. Adam McCrimmon

2007 Recipient:  Dr. Agatha Beschell
2006 Recipient:  Dr. Jennifer Boisvert

2005 Recipient:  Dr. Karen MacMillan

2003 Recipient:  Dr. Betty Reiter


Special Recognition Awards

2008 - Presented to Dr. Carl Blashko in recognition of his lifetime achievement in promoting psychology in Alberta.

2008 - Presenting to Dr. John Service in recognition of his service to Provincial and National Psychology.


Other Awards


Healthy Workplace Initiative Award

2017 Recipient: Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan - Small Employer, Not-For-Profit Company

2017 Recipient: Hallmark Tubulars Ltd - Small Employer, For-Profit Company

2016 Recipient: Concordia University of Edmonton - Medium Employer, Education

2016 Recipient:  Red Deer Primary Care Network - Not-For-Profit Small Employer

2013 Recipient:  Renfrew Educational Services - Not-For-Profit Medium Business 

2013 Recipient:  Momentum Community Economic Development Society -  Not-For-Profit Small Business 

2013 Recipient:  Caber Engineering Inc. - For Profit Small Business

2011 Recipient:  Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

2010 Recipient:  Metromedia Marketing Ltd.

2009 Recipient:  Conoco-Phillips Canada

2008 Recipient:  West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. - Hinton Division

2006 Recipient:  Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

2005 Recipient:  Associated Engineering Group Ltd.

2005 Honorable Mentions: QUIKCARD; Green Acres Foundation Housing for Seniors; Meyers Norris Penny LLP Lethbridge Region; Alberta Pensions Administration Corporation

2004 Recipient:  Strathcona County

2003 Recipient:  Canterra Suites


The Psychologist's Association of Alberta Behavioural Science Award


2018 Honourable Mention Recipient: Pamalpreet Sandhu  - Edmonton

2018 Recipients: Claire Peterson and Emily Martinez- Red Deer
2018 Recipient: Zainab Osman - Calgary

2017 Recipient: Hannah Abdo - Edmonton
2017 Honourable Mention Recipient: Lénárd Grossmann  - Edmonton

2017 Recipient: Karem Asaad- Red Deer
2017 Recipient: Catriona McIntosh - Calgary

2016 Recipient: Dawn Abraham - Edmonton
2016 Honourable Mention Recipient: Daniel Vovk - Edmonton

2016 Recipients: Rachel Land and Ryan Walker - Red Deer
2016 Recipient: Vaikunth Cheruvu - Calgary 

2015 Recipient: Dimple Mazumdar - Edmonton

2015 Honourable Mention Recipient: Raeann Au - Edmonton

2015 Recipients: Catriona McIntosh and Nicole Green - Red Deer

2015 Recipient:  Crystal Radinski - Calgary

2014 Recipients: Jane Mulan Xia and Maria Choi - Edmonton

2014 Honourable Mention recipient:  Dimple Mazumdar - Edmonton

2014 Recipient:  Nicole Green - Red Deer

2014 Recipients: Athina Spiropoulos and Andrea Vasquez - Calgary

2013 Recipient:  Qasim Ali - Edmonton

2013 Recipient:  Victoria Taylor - Red Deer

2013 Recipients: Zoe Dingeman and Mahta Samani - Calgary

2012 Recipients: Harshika Nambiar and Momina Abbasi - Edmonton

2012 Recipients: Jessica Border and Emma Turnbull - Red Deer

2012 Recipient:  Julia Cameron - Calgary

2011 Recipient:  Neha Sam - Edmonton

2011 Recipient:  Eric Choi - Red Deer

2011 Recipient:  Arijit Lodha - Calgary

2010 Recipient:  Arathi Unnikrishnan - Edmonton

2010 Recipient:  Anika Reynar and Anita Kan - Red Deer

2010 Recipient:  Mira Gitelman - Calgary

2009 Recipient:  Sarah Cottle and Brady Demyon - Calgary

2009 Recipient:  Joshua Brownell and Joya Reynar - Red Deer

2009 Recipient:  Neha Sam - Edmonton

2008 Recipient:  Holly Farrell - Calgary

2008 Recipient:  Tori Burns and Samantha Murdoch - Red Deer

2008 Recipient:  Joanna Pearce - Edmonton

2007 Recipient:  Kendra Manz - Edmonton

2007 Recipient:  Henry Su - Calgary

2007 Recipient:  Annessa Good - Red Deer

2006 Recipient:  Annessa Good, Janalyn Bullock and Ashley Parker - Red Deer

2006 Recipient:  Alexandra Schaefer and Savanna Beauregard - Edmonton

2006 Recipient:  Adam Findlay - Calgary

2005 Recipient:  Christine Runge - Calgary

2005 Recipient:  Julie Tye - Edmonton

2004 Recipient:  Michelle Lee - Calgary