PAA’s Wood Buffalo wildfires

psychological trauma treatment program


A trauma psychologist is someone who works with people who have experienced a trauma in an effort to help them overcome that experience and to live a happier and healthier life in a way that helps them to move on from that experience.



If you were impacted by the 2016 Wildfires, please contact PAA Office 

(780) 424-0294, 1-888-424-0297, 

This project is connected to the Canadian Red Cross funding stream B, Community Strengthening. This program will mitigate against social isolation and negative mental health impacts of affected individuals. It will assist in helping traumatized persons to return to a more normal life and get reconnected with the community and be able to return to work and a more normal family and social life.

Intended Outcomes -- Resiliency and mentally healthy survivors of disaster

Intended Outputs – Trauma therapy provided by psychologists

This program will fund direct trauma treatment. Only trauma treatment or trauma assessment is eligible for funding under this program.

Eligible Clients

Clients eligible to receive trauma treatment include:

  • Residents of the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta (children or adults, individuals, families, or groups)
  • Residents of Alberta who were residents of the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta between 01 April 2016 and 01 April 2017
  • Migrant and temporary workers who were employed in the Wood Buffalo area between 01 April 2016 and 01 October 2016 and are currently Alberta residents.
  • First responders who reside in the Wood Buffalo region of Alberta
  • First responders who were actively employed in the Wood Buffalo region between 01 April 2016 and 01 April 2017 and are currently Alberta residents.
  • The children or families of any other above provided they are also Alberta residents


In an application for service, the client will sign agreement to participate in the outcome-informed measures and that there were impacted traumatically by the Wood Buffalo wildfires of 2016.

All Albertans impacted traumatically by the 2016 Wood Buffalo wildfires will be eligible to access this program for the duration of funding. Only psychologists can apply on behalf of clients to be eligible for this funding. Information about the program will be made available online, via social media, and by calling the PAA. 


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