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Oct 25, 2018
Preparing for Cannabis Legalization in Canada: A Psychologist's Evidence-Based Guide Module 4
Facilitated by Dr. Igor Yakovenko

Preparing for Cannabis Legalization in Canada: A Psychologist’s Evidence-Based Guide

Module 4


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Cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance in the world.

Given the pending legalization of cannabis in Canada, an overview of facts about cannabis,

and guidelines for management of cannabis use disorder in clinical practice are timely.


The content will consist of a review of latest research evidence, as well as published evidence-based clinical guidelines.


Module 1: Dispelling myths and emphasizing facts about cannabis and cannabis use disorder

Module 2: Evidence-based treatment of cannabis use disorder

Module 3: Controlled cannabis misuse and the implementation of lower risk cannabis use guidelines


Module 4: Medical cannabis misuse and management of diversion in clinical practice


Learning objectives:


By the end of the webinar series, participants will be able to:


1) Understand what to expect in their local communities when cannabis becomes legalized.

2) Summarize the evidence for the addictive properties of cannabis and the risk of developing a problem when using it.

3) Demonstrate a basic understanding of what treatments for cannabis use disorders are supported by research and their primary clinical components.

4) Understand the role of lower risk cannabis use guidelines in clinical practice.

5) Recognize risk for misusing medically prescribed cannabis and how to monitor for it.



Date & Location


Location: online

Time: 12:00 p.m.  - 1:30 p.m. 

Dates: Session 4 - Thursday 25 October





Dr. Igor Yakovenko is an assistant professor and a clinical psychologist in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Dalhousie University. He previously completed his clinical residency at Yale University and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta. His research focuses on the associated features and determinants of substance use, disordered gambling, and co-morbidity of addiction and other psychiatric disorders. His recent work has been invested in developing evidence-based public health interventions for cannabis use disorder including implementation of online platforms to increase access to substance abuse treatment. A major goal of his research is to account for real-world conditions of mental health treatment delivery, such as frequent co-morbidity, in order to generate clinical guidelines and recommendations for integrated care of addiction and mental health.






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