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Campaign for Syrian & Iraqi Refugees 

We want to take this opportunity to make you aware of a campaign underway that provides an opportunity for us as psychologists to demonstrate our Responsibility to Society within the worldwide humanitarian crisis specific to Syrian Refugees.



Make a difference for the Syrian & Iraqi Refugees 


We are one family in this global village & trauma collectively impacts us all. We are issuing a challenge -- join us in ensuring that Syrian & Iraqi refugee families have a home here in Canada. Together, we can change their circumstances in the midst of this global crisis. 


A small financial donation from each of us can make a large difference in the lives of these families.

If 290 people donate $100/each, a family is home! 


Your tax deductible donations can be submitted as follows: 




Donate via the Canada Helps website

In the comment box specify Syrian and Iraqi Refugee Support, “Give them a Home Challenge” 




Canadian International Immigrant and Refugee Support Association

C/O Syrian and Iraqi Refugee Support, Give them a Home Challenge 

10584 107 street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2Y6 


If you issue your donation in the name of the “Give Them a Home Challenge” we will be able to directly see the impact of psychologists in our province and then can challenge other professions and groups, for example nursing or social work, to join us. 


Together, we can Give ‘Em a Home, eh! 

Dr Jon Amundson & Dr Deb Dobson



Past Events


A review of some of the PAA events that have occurred in 2017 so far. 


2017 Annual General Meeting


Annual ReportThe PAA Annual General Meeting was held on 26 May 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta. Highlights from the 2016-2017 Annual Report were presented. 


Pierre Presenting at the AGM






View the Annual Report






Canadian & Albertan Attitudes towards Psychologists


September, 2011


The first ever survey of Canadian attitudes toward psychologists and accessing psychological services was released by the Practice Directorate on September 26, 2011.

The Practice Directorate operates under the oversight of a council of representatives from the provincial and territorial associations of psychology across Canada (CPAP). CPA, through its Director of Professional Affairs, also has a seat on the Council. The Council, which operates as a functionally autonomous body accountable to the CPA Board for matters relating to policy and finance, is led by a chair appointed from among the provincial and territorial representatives of psychology. Because the interests and activities of national and jurisdictional advocacy overlap, the Council works closely and collaboratively with CPA’s Executive Director and senior staff.

The survey provides both national and Alberta-specific results. Respondents indicated a very strong confidence in psychologists (particularly in Alberta), while identifying costs and the shortage of public funding for psychology as the largest barrier to accessing the services of psychologists.

PAA is working closely with the Practice Directorate in advocacy efforts to address the barriers to accessing psychological services.

To view the September press release, click here.




Regulating Counsellors


August 2015



Alberta Primetime Segment featuring Dr. Judi Malone on regulating counsellors. Albertans looking for mental health assistance have a variety of options, but not all types of therapy involve regulated professionals.