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A continuing education reciprocity agreement between the PAA, the British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA), the Psychological Society of Saskatchewn (PSS) and Idaho Psychological Association (IPA) has been entered into between our respective associations offering registration to the three associations' respective continuing education programs at the same fees that each of these associations would charge to their own members.


British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA)

Workshops and other events offered by the BCPA. View...


Psychological Society of Saskatchewan (PSS)

Continuing Education activities from the PSS. View...


Idaho Psychological Association (IPA)

Continuing Education Activities from the IPA. View...




Non-profit associations may advertise events at no charge at the discretion of the PAA office. If you would like to advertise Employment, Office Space, Products and Services for Psychologists, or Continuing Professional Development events on our website, please visit the Classifieds Submission page for rates and submission details. 


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Ongoing Events:

EPPP Psychology Written Exam Preparation
Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences Comprehensive Preparation Materials and Workshops for EPPP


For further information contact: Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences at 1-800-472-1931 or website:

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Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Continuing Education Programs - This site will have the listings of our programs

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Office of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development 

Upcoming Courses

The University of Calgary CME Office offers a variety of courses and programs to meet your learning needs. 



If you have any questions regarding our courses, please e-mail us!

For a more comprehensive listing of CME events, please click here.

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Trauma Informed Care Education and Training Project - online module for Non-AHS Service Providers


We are excited to announce that more modules are available in the Trauma Informed Care series.

Module 1: What is Trauma Informed Care?

Module 2: What is Trauma?

Module 3: Disaster Response

Module 4: Loss and Grief after Trauma

Module 5: Trauma in Human Service Workers

Module 6: Emotional Literacy

As we must report back to our funder we ask that you take the time to do the survey at the end of each module even if it is only to let us know your geographic location, the type of work or sector you represent and the name of your organization. 

If you want to let us know about your learning experience we would be very grateful and use the information to do better next time.

The modules can be accessed by staff in Alberta Health Services through MyLearningLink - Search for Trauma Informed care and the complete list will be displayed.


Important Note

For the best learning experience please ensure your browsers and flash player are updated. Some content will not be available if either browser or flash player is out of date.

For outline and further information for anyone outside of Alberta Health Services.

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Sign up for the MHCC’s Free webinars on Recovery-Oriented Practice

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)
hosts a series of free webinars focused on Recovery-Oriented Practice in French and English.

The MHCC’s webinars on recovery-oriented practice are designed for everyone involved in mental health and addictions services, including people living with mental health and/or substance use issues and their natural supports. Most of all, the webinars are intended for people who can help make the practical, organizational and cultural shifts needed to develop a truly recovery-oriented mental health and addictions system.

Register for the next webinar and/or view previously delivered presentations by visiting the MHCC website


For further details contact:
Samuel Breau
Program Manager, Prevention and Promotion

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JACK HIROSE AND ASSOCIATES INC. provides seminars for mental health and education professionals. Our mission is to offer effective and stimulating training opportunities that respond to the ever changing needs of counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, medical doctors, teachers and mental health professionals. We strive to provide proven training methods that focus on practical interventions and increased skill development. Course instructors are recognized in their respective fields as world class presenters. Our instructors are selected not only for their knowledge, but also for their ability to present course material in an engaging and stimulating manner.


The workshops focus on beginner and advanced training, particularly in solution focused/oriented, cognitive, behavioral, narrative, and emotion-focused therapies. Training sessions are given in specialized areas of interest, e.g. alcohol and drugs, anger and aggression, trauma, anxiety, depression, mindfulness and many other topics. Workshops are given in one, two, three and four day formats. Since 1998, Jack Hirose and Associates has provided training to more than 55,000 mental health professionals in Canada and the United States. Jack Hirose and Associates is an approved continuing education provider with the Canadian Psychological Association.


PAA members save $10 – use “PAA10”


Please visit for the complete listing of our upcoming workshops and conferences.


Please call 1-800-456-5424 or email: for more information about our events.

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Can Praxis Psychologist requirement

Can Praxis is an Equine Therapy  program looking for a psychologist with ample experience working with members of a subculture characterized by violence and death; this usually means working with Veterans or First Responders or in corrections.  This experience will help participants accept the psychologist as a credible service provider.  Can Praxis is a registered charity and intends to conduct one three day program every month working with a classroom facilitator and mediator.


In addition, he or she needs to have experience with horses.  This means being certified as an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) facilitator or willing to become certified.  While doing EAL, be able to provide psychological therapy and/or crisis management for an individual, a couple or a group of up to 12 participants.  The psychological work is normally conducted in a seamless fashion alongside a horse.  Practical matters need to be managed concurrently, for example: stable management, movement of horses and equipment, organizing participants to do light barn related duties.


Relevant clinical experience, horse experience and enough presence to lead and inspire a group are all necessary attributes.  A non-traditional/clinical approach is required; participants do not tolerate a psychologist who relies only on studies and jargon, they would rather work with a sincere, compassionate and experienced person who can acknowledge great pain one minute and yet sometimes relieve tension with some well-timed humor.



Steve Critchley CD, C.Med

Can Praxis

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AHS Winter Education Series 2019


Hosted by: AHS Prevention and Health Prmotion (Edmonton Zone)


Training on Addiction and Mental Health Topics


Join us for a course in Edmonton Jan - Apr




  • Harm Reduction - A Way of Thinking
  • Motivational Interviewing - The Basics
  • Building Better Mental and Emotional Wellness
  • Tobacco - How to Support your Client in Making a Change
  • Vaping: Is it a silver bullet?
  • What the Hookah?

Fall 2019 Education Series Courses & Registration - additional information

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