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British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA)

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29 September 2017, Vancouver, BC

Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Influence of Psychology on Well-Being and Performance - click for more info!


Psychological Society of Saskatchewan (PSS)

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Idaho Psychological Association (IPA)

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The following is a list of other non-PAA training/workshop events that are listed in date order. Scroll down the list to view all the events that are listed (using the scroll bar immediately to the right of the list).

November, 2017


Train in the leading approach to couples therapy, providing a clear road map and solid research base.

November 6-9 2017
Calgary Alberta

  • As a therapist do you sometimes feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants with highly distressed couples?
  • Would you like a fresh perspective to breathe new life into your couples work?

The vast majority of couples seek therapy because they regularly get  stuck in repetitive, destructive arguments. Therapists know that
there is a lot of emotion flying around the room with distressed couples. They often feel unnerved when the reactive emotions of
distressed relationships take over and control the session. It can be confusing to know which emotions to contain and which ones to
bring out and focus on. When this happens the therapeutic process is likely to derail or get bogged down. If this has ever happened to
you, you might feel helpless as to how to get the session back on track.

When we don’t know how to work with the negative emotions escalating between couples, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and inadvertently
close our clients’ emotions down. Shutting down their emotions provides containment and helps you feel more in control of the session. However, the downside is that you miss the opportunity to use this emotional energy to tap into and help them express the deeper hurts that underlie their arguments. When you can support partners in communicating the vulnerable feelings they experience in the relationship, you help them evoke and express compassion toward each other. You also empower them to become aware and assertive about their needs in the relationship.

When you are able to help couples connect on this deep level, not only will you feel more in control of the session, you will be able to use your skills to facilitate healing the couple’s relationship bond.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) will guide you to focus your  therapy sessions toward establishing a secure relationship bond. In
the context of a secure relationship partners can communicate their relationship needs more effectively. EFT will enable you to:

  • Discover a remarkably effective road map for navigating couples through conflict deadlock
  • Learn how to harness their emotions to help couples create and maintain a close connection
  • Help your couples experience bonding emotions and find their happily ever after

EFT for couples is a short term approach to healing relationships that speaks to the core of the couple’s distress:


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Jack Hirose & Associates

Quality workshops for mental health & education professionals


High Functioning Autism: Proven & Practical Interventions for Challenging Behaviours in Children and Adolescents


Presented by: Meghan Barlow, Ph.D.


Edmonton, AB | Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | More information & registration


This intensive, full-day workshop provides proven intervention strategies, essential treatment tools, and behavioural techniques to help you analyze behaviours and actions, identify consequences for behaviours, and teach new skills to children, adolescents and young adults with high-functioning autism (HFA). Walk away with practical intervention techniques for social success, behaviour changes and overcoming challenging co-occurring behaviours that deliver success through adulthood.


The challenging co-occurring issues to be addressed are:

  • Social Skills Deficits
  • Communication Deficits
  • Sensory
  • Anxiety/Rigidity
  • Depression
  • Meltdowns, Outbursts, and Non-Compliance
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Psychotropic Medications


Gain valuable insight into how information processing, communication, and social skills deficits lead to difficulty in the home, school, occupational, and social settings. Learn how to prioritize a plan for intervention and implement strategies in order to improve functioning across all areas. We will explore HFA and the new DSM-5® diagnosis of Social-Pragmatic Communication Disorder. You will receive the necessary tools to gain effective collaboration between clinicians, educators and parents.

Through case studies, video clips and class participation you will leave this workshop with an improved understanding of HFA and the confidence to develop and implement effective treatment plans. Don’t just manage these individuals; provide interventions that lead to successful independence into their adult years!


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December, 2017

Dads, Moms & Kids: Maximizing A Family's Mental Health and Well-Being


Presented by: Canadian Centre for Men and Families


Saturday, December 2, 2017

from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Cardel Theatre

180 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, AB


More information

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