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March, 2018

March to November 2018


Refugee Awareness for Enhanced Service Delivery is a project by the Centre for Race and Culture to provide accurate and comprehensive information about refugees to host communities. This free educational workshop will support individuals and organizations in understanding the pre-migration experiences of refugees, offer practical tools for working with refugee families, and provide ideas for creating welcoming and inclusive environments that ensure sustainable and successful resettlement of refugees in Alberta. It is being offered in 2 formats – full day (6 hrs) and half day (3 hrs). Please feel free to contact Elli Dehnavi ( to book your session.


The key learning objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Learn about refugee pathways and the global and historical contexts to the most recent resettlement efforts
  • Describe barriers and opportunities when working with refugee individuals and families
  • Practice using reflective and analytical tools to build their inclusive and equitable practices for refugee individuals and families
  • Plan for modifications to policies or service-delivery practices to create more inclusive environments

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June, 2018

Consciousness Based Approach in Psychotherapy - Edmonton

2-day workshop


Date: 29th & 30th June 2018 (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)

Facilitated by Isaac Cherian

Location - City University of Seattle, 10010 106 St NW, 

Edmonton, AB T5J 1G


Consciousness Based Approach (CBA) - proposed by Isaac Cherian (Cherian & Ahammed, 2011) is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes the importance of understanding Self and Consciousness in psychotherapy. The approach synthesizes various traditions of self, mindfulness, personal growth and self-awareness.The approach is inspired by various conceptualizations of Self, in terms of self as ‘known’ and ‘knower’ by William James (1890), consciousness of George Mathew (1995) Dialogical Self of Hubert Hermans (1990) and other Eastern insights. Theoretically, the approach can be considered as a critical reflection on the narrow and limited conceptualization of self and consciousness in the main stream therapeutic modalities. The approach emphasizes the importance of change at the Self and agentic level of functioning along with focusing on body, cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects. 


The Certificate of Completion on Consciousness Based Approach workshop will provide:

  • Theoretical understanding of CBA,
  • Opportunity for experiential self-reflections,
  • Demonstration of CBA in the healing process and
  • Paired and group practice sessions on the CBA methods.

Advantages of CA are: 

  • It is an experiential approach that emphasizes the potentiality of awareness and human consciousness.
  • Provides a broader framework to understand human Psyche and explains the various experiential phenomena and helps to use the various modalities (CBT, Body Centred, Emotions focused, etc) in psychotherapy to the advantage of the client.
  • Provides the possibility of addressing Gender and Sexual identity within the domain of Self. 
  • Integrating into therapeutic practice, current research findings on the benefits of Mindfulness



$ 225.00 professional/ $ 125.00 student rate (+ 5% Goods and Services Tax). 


Registration & Detailed Information

Contact  – or 780 720 3188

​Click the link below - ​


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July, 2018


Listening for Openings. Amplifying Change.
with Dr. Jeff Chang

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy 5-day Intensive Workshop
July 11–July 15, 2018 • Calgary, AB

In this five-day intensive workshop, you will go beyond a superficial focus on questions and procedural sequences, and learn to develop a solution-focused presence that embodies SFBT as a way of being. This pragmatic, goal-directed, evidence-based approach is particularly relevant for anyone working in settings where resources are scarce and service delivery must be focused. SFBT has been shown to be effective with a variety of difficult problems, including disordered eating, intimate partner violence, substance misuse, and chronic and persistent mental health problems.

In a class alongside other practicing professionals and graduate students, you gain an understanding of the what, why and how of SFBT, including:

- the history and assumptions of SFBT, and how this informs what counsellors do in the room
- listening for openings and developing solution-focused hearing
- sequencing questions and inviting answers
- obtaining vivid descriptions of solutions, both real and imagined
- tailoring your interventions to clients’ receptivity
- scheduling appointments for maximum impact and minimum resource expenditure
- terminating counselling and minimizing the possibility of relapse

Cost: C$800/person + GST (general)
C$700/person + GST (AU practicum supervisors)
C$550/person + GST (full-time graduate students)

Location: Mount Royal University, Calgary (workshop runs on-site 8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m. daily)

For more information:

Dr. Jeff Chang, a Registered Psychologist in Alberta since 1987, an early adopter of SFBT, trained with Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and Eve Lipchik. Jeff has presented on SFBT on three continents, and writes about connections and distinctions between solution-focused and narrative therapies. He is a professor at Athabasca University, a clinical supervisor at Calgary Family Therapy Centre, and has a small private practice.

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September, 2018


Intensive Training in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD

September 13-16, 2018, 830am-5pm

Best Western Village Park Inn, Calgary, AB, CANADA


WGM Psychology is offering a 4-day intensive working in Prolonged Exposure therapy for PTSD.  Prolonged Exposure is a manualized therapy with a strong evidence base that suggests in effectiveness in treating PTSD and trauma-related problems.  This training will cover the basics of providing all Prolonged Exposure procedures, as well as how to modify procedures to tailor treatment to the needs of individual clients.  Lecture, discussion, videotaped therapy sessions and participant role plays will be used to facilitate dissemination of the training.  The cost is $1500, which includes the cost of the workshop, as well as supporting materials, including the treatment manual, handbook and a workshop binder.

Please contact Dr. Megan McElheran, at 403-850-6711 or for more information or to register.

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