Disaster Response Network





Thank you to all those who participated in the last activation, specific to the Wood Buffalo Wildfires.



Event: Wood Buffalo Region Wildfires

Location: Wood Buffalo Region (including Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, Gregoire Lake Estates, Janvier, Saprae Creek Estates)

Description: Our thoughts are with all Albertans impacted by the wildfires in Alberta and the recent evacuation in the Fort McMurray region. The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta would like to help evacuees who have been displaced due to fires in Fort McMurray. Our Disaster Response Network members are offering pro-bono psychological services to victims and first responders traumatized by recent events. 


If you are in the affected area and require immediate emergency assistance, please call 911.


If you are a victim of or first responder to this disaster and require psychological services, please contact the PAA office at: 780-424-0294 or paa@paa-ab.ca


We encourage members with trauma expertise to join our PAA Disaster Response Network; and for all members to donate to the Red Cross.


Current DRN Co-ordinator: Dr Judy Moench jmoench@telusplanet.net




Disaster Response Network


The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta Disaster Response Network (PAA DRN) targets the psychological well-being/mental health needs of disaster victims and responders who are involved in disasters with focus on serving those who have suffered trauma as a result of a disaster. 


The PAA DRN provides psychological/mental health services primarily during the recovery phase of the disaster, and psychologists will not generally be called upon to attend at the site of the disaster.  


Victims of disasters and responders can access this service by contacting the PAA office.  The office will provide the caller with two or three names from the PAA DRN volunteer list.  Psychologists should expect to hear directly from the client or referring agency. 


Disclaimer: The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta assumes no liability for any of the psychological services provided, nor does the PAA warrant or guarantee the availability of any particular psychological services, or their quality.  Participants are required to carry their own liability insurance. 


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