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Membership Term: April 1 - March 31




Is open to an individual who:

  • a) is a professional with an interest in psychology (such professionals may include, but are not limited to, social workers, school counsellors, mental health therapists, medical professionals, and clergy); and
  • b) is of good character and reputation, and
  • c) pays the prescribed dues.



An application form should be completed and forwarded to the Psychologists' Association of Alberta.


  • Applications must be accompanied by a recent criminal record check (within the last 6 months). Criminal record checks are only accepted if they are provided by a police agency (we do not accept criminal record checks processed by private companies).


The Psychologists' Association of Alberta subscribes to A Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists, (Third Edition, Revised 2000), Code of Professional Conduct, and Practice Guidelines for Providers for Psychological Services.


Professional Affiliate Member: $190.00
     Pro-rated: $16.00

** Membership year runs from April 1 through March 31. After May 1st there are pro-rated fees available to new members only.

March 25, 2019

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Current Principal Employment / Work Address
Academic History
Please List: Highest Related Degree, Department/Faculty, Year and Institution
Memberships in Other Professional Associations
Have you ever been required to withdraw from membership in a Psychological Association or any other professional association or at any time been convicted of a felony, sanctioned by any professional ethics body or other regulatory body or by any professional or scientific organization? (If yes, please provide details)

Criminal Record Check:

In making this application, I subscribe to and will support the objectives of the Psychologists' Association of Alberta and to A Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists (Revised 2000), Code of Professional Conduct, and Practice Guidelines for Providers for Psychological Services, although I recognize I am not a psychologist, nor may I present myself as one or use my status with the Psychologists' Association of Alberta to misrepresent my professional standing. I affirm that the statements made in this application correctly represents my qualifications for election, and understand that if they do not, my Professional Affiliate Status may be voided.