2019 Call for Research Posters



The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) invites all psychologists, provisional psychologist, and student members to submit a poster for consideration  for our 2019 conference, on 21 September at the Edmonton Conference Centre in Edmonton, AB. This award will be granted by PAA to the psychologists, provisional psychologists, and student members recognized by the committee as having presented the most outstanding poster. This is a monetary award of $250.00.


The PAA Awards Committee will review all psychologists, provisional psychologist, and student posters presented at the annual conference and will select the recipient(s) for the award based on the following criteria:

• The majority of the work and thought has been completed by the psychologists, provisional psychologist, or student.
• The poster demonstrates work that is recognized as a notable contribution to the profession of psychology.
• The poster will be evaluated for both the content (ie, originality, focus, relevance to the profession of psychology, etc.) as well as for the design qualities of the poster (ie, readability, appeal, graphics, etc).
• The psychologists, provisional psychologist, or student who is the primary author of the poster will receive the monetary award, however, this award can be shared by multiple psychologists, provisional psychologist, or students, in title.


This award is available to all psychologists, provisional psychologist, and student members of the PAA.


Complete and return this Application Form to the PAA office for consideration to be presented at our 2019 conference.  Deadline date 01 July 2019


If you are not currently a member of the PAA, we would welcome your application for membership. Please contact the PAA office at the number(s) listed below if you are interested in joining our professional association.

Edmonton only: (780) 424-0294
Alberta toll free: 1-888-424-0297