2017 Psychology Month Events


Throughout the month Ms. Michele Meier displayed Psychology Month materials at her office at Medicine Hat Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic and additional materials were distributed to local psychologists to display in their workplaces to include Medicine Hat Regional Hospital, Medicine Hat College and several private practices.


Throughout the month Ms. Jennifer Strebchuk displayed a variety of PAA promotional materials in her office Reflections Psychological and Support Services in Whitecourt.


Throughout the month Dr. Laura Hambley office Calgary Career Counselling provided information and PAA promotional materials to clients in her waiting room and offices, promote resources on the practice of psychology on her website and social media and discussed on Career Cravings a radio show the psychological aspects of selecting a career. 


Throughout the month Ms. Jennifer McCormick displayed PAA promotional materials in her office Healthy by Nature for clients to view in Calgary.


Throughout the month Ms. Michele McKinnon’s school-based team with preschool and kindergarten programs shared with families’ information and resources on What School Psychologists Do.


Throughout the month Ms. Rosemarie Joy Alonzo-Schulte provided and displayed psychology resource materials to a library, church (new immigrant class), and community associations in Calgary.


Throughout the month Edmonton Public Library – Highland Branch displayed resource materials for the general public. Mr. Chris Shorrock organized this event.


Throughout the month Mr. Robert Hadden displayed a variety of PAA promotional materials in his waiting room at Hadden & Associates Inc. in SW Calgary.


Throughout the month Dr. Veronica Horn and Mr. Lowell Taylor distributed a variety of resource materials and  PAA Psychology Month posters were placed at 5 medical clinics in Lethbridge - Bigelow Fowler West, Bigelow Fowler East, Bigelow Fowler South, Campbell Clinic South and Legacy Medical.

A Psychology Peer Meeting via Telehealth was held to discuss 3 journal articles on the use of forgiveness as a therapeutic tool Feb. 13, 2017, attended by 9 psychologists across the South Zone of Alberta Health Services.


Throughout the month Mr. Jonathan Epp displayed and distributed a variety of resource materials in his office and during his classes at Red Deer College.


Throughout the month Edmonton – Main, Castle Downs and St. Albert public libraries displayed information on mental health and psychology. The displays included information about PAA and psychological concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and parenting.

Clinical Services, U. of A. displayed resource materials in their clinic. Ms. Erin Buhr organized this event.


Throughout the month the psychologists at Creating Solutions ran the "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS” fundraising campaign again this year for February, Psychology Month.


Imagine...needing help and not being able to access it.


You have the opportunity to reach out and help, with a gift to the PAA Psychological Services Fund. The Psychological Services Fund helps people in Alberta who can't afford the service of a psychologist to access the help they need.  Last year this campaign raised $8540.00. Their goal is $10,000.00 for the Psychological Services Fund.


You can donate at the Canada Help address below:



February 1st – A memorandum was sent by Dr. Lana Hawkins to AHS Psychologists, Colleagues, and Leaders marking the start of Psychology Month and acknowledging the dedication, contributions, and expertise of psychologists within Alberta Health Services.

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta selected the theme “The Value of Choosing a Psychologist”. PAA’s brochure of the same title, along with the memo were circulated.

AHS encourage exploring Psychology Works fact sheets published by the Canadian Psychological Association http://www.cpa.ca/psychologyfactsheets/


February 2nd – AHS psychology month Practice Wise webinar was held at noon, where Dr. Angela Grace spoke to “Why Not Weight? AHS role in addressing patients’ weight-related issues.


February 3 – 10th

PAA materials were displayed within the various Alberta Health Services (AHS) hospitals and clinics. AHS Psychologists were in attendance to distribute information to individuals and families as well as other multidisciplinary staff and answered questions related to psychology service and the profession.


February 16 – 17th

2017 Calgary City Teachers’ Convention was held at Telus Convention Centre and manned by Dr. Brent Macdonald, Ms. Dee Dee Kay, Ms. Zurada Dada, Dr. Jennifer Jette, Ms. Cinder Smith and Ms. Leona Doig.

February 23 – 24th
2017 South Western Alberta Teachers Convention was held at the University of Lethbridge and manned by Ms. Sandra Annis.


February 24th

Dr. Judi Malone provided a presentation to 85 –90 Edmonton and area participates on Effective Advocacy for Psychologists in Health Care Systems at the 2017 Psychology Professional Practice Day for Alberta Health Services.


February 24th – Dr. Greg Schoepp and Ms. Shandra Taylor provided a presentation to a psychology group of 90 participants at AHS - Edmonton Zone Psychology AGM.


February 24th – Dr. Kerry Mothersill provided a presentation to a psychology group of 200 participants at AHS - Calgary Zone Psychology AGM.


February 27th – Mr. Lowell Taylor and Ms. Donnie Scott held a Psychologist Social event attended by about 25 psychologists and provisional psychologists in the Lethbridge area, with guest speakers Judi Malone and Bonnie Rude-Weisman.


February 28th – Dr. Judi Malone provided a presentation to City University psychology students.


March 2 – 3rd   

2017 Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention was held at the Shaw Conference Centre and manned by Dr. Jaylene Brinker, Dr. Chris Armstrong and Ms. Hilda Huj.



Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time to promote Psychology