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School Psychology Canada Survey

Michael Clyde (School & Child Applied Psychology, PhD student, McGill University) and Dr. Steven Shaw (Graduate Program Director, School & Child Applied Psychology, McGill University) have developed an online survey to gather information on the background, professional identities, roles, and job satisfaction of practicing school psychologists. The objective of the investigation is to understand the daily responsibilities of school psychologists across Canada, and how these responsibilities and practices differ between our country’s provinces and territories. Furthermore, we hope to use this as an opportunity to promote advocacy and discussion surrounding the unique roles school psychologists provide. Please note that this survey is for members who identify as School Psychologists only/who have an equivalent degree in School Psychology. 


This study has been approved by the McGill Research Ethics Board (REB# 370-0117). The online survey will take about 30 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous: no names, emails, numbers, or IP addresses will be collected. The survey is designed in such a way that participants must consent before completing the survey. Participants also have the opportunity to, at any time, exit the survey.


Here is the link to the online survey:


Thank you for your participation, and please contact me (Michael Clyde) with any questions or concerns you may have.




Michael Clyde