PAA Connect 2015 Summary

The PAA Connect 2015 Forum took place at the Cochrane Ranchehouse on May 29, 2015. The event sold-out with 150 attendees.


Dr. Dan Siegel: Interpersonal Neurobiology


Dr. Dan Siegel presented online via skype on "Interpersonal Neurobiology -Personal & Professional Implications for the Practice of Psychology".


Dr. Dan Siegel Presentation

Dr. Siegel captivated the audience and masterfully worked the technical glitches into his presentation.



Three participants had the opportunity to engage with Dr. Siegel and ask questions regarding his presentation.  


Alberta Cafe


After the online presentation, attendees participated in the Alberta Cafe, which was a dynamic opportunity to discuss Dr. Siegel's ideas within the context of psychological practices in Alberta.



Alberta Cafe



Alberta Cafe posters








Each group's collaboration was posted for the rest of the day so they could be explored by other participants.





En-Lightening Speakers Series 


The En-Lightening Speakers series was a resounding success as all participants enjoyed 6 quick presentations. Many participants highlighted the en-lightening speakers as the highlight of the forum.


 Dr. Deborah Dobson Lisa Smithson Dr. Terry Pezzot-Pearce
 Dr. Deborah Dobson  Ms. Lisa Smithson Dr. Terry Pezzot-Pearce



Dr Jon Amundson Terry Wilton Shaleh
Dr. Jon Amundson Mr. Terry Wilton  Ms. Jaleh Shahin


Discussion Pub


Terry Wilton and Roger Moses

The day wrapped up with the Discussion Pub, where participants had the opportunity to engage with the en-lightment speakers and network.