PAA Board, Staff and Committees

PAA Board of Directors 2018-2019


Ms. Bonnie Rude-Weisman, President

Dr. Kelly Schwartz, Vice-President
Dr. Sally MacLean, Treasurer
Ms. Claire Petersen, Parliamentarian

Ms. Amrita Bhar

Dr. David St. Arnault

Ms. Lisa McIsaac

Ms. Nicki Wilson

Ms. Sandra Gallace

Ms. Chelsea Hobbs (Student Board Member Representative)


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PAA Staff


Judi Malone, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Direct Line: (780) 645-8214

Click here to email Judi


Joanna Leung

Finance Officer

Phone (780) 424-0294

Click here to email Joanna


Brittany Stevenson

Governance Officer

Phone (587) 404-6325

Click here to email Brittany


Rose Cooper

Membership Officer

Phone (587) 404-6331

Click here to email Rose


Cindy Kennedy

Administrative Officer

Phone: (780) 424-0294

Click here to email Cindy


Kim Bernard

Communication Officer

Phone: (780) 424-0294

Click here to email Kim


Committees & Task Forces




Awards Adjudicating Committee

Dr. Judi Malone - Chair

Dr. Emma Climie

Dr. Kerry Mothersill

Dr. Lynda Phillips

Dr. Erik Wikman

Dr. Jessica Van Vliet


Executive Director Evaluation Committee

Ms. Bonnie Rude-Weisman - President



Public Education & Wellness Committee

Dr. Brent Macdonald

Ms. Erin Buhr

Mr. Chris Shorrock

Dr. Janet Miller

Dr. Colleen Lucas

Mr. Don Beeken

Ms. Danielle Forth


School Psychology Committee 

Ms. Michele Pentyliuk - Co-Chair

Dr. Mitchell Colp - Co-Chair

Dr. Nina Wyrostok

Dr. Troy Janzen

Mr. Robert McGarva

Ms. Kailyn Jones

Dr. Erica Makarenko

Dr. Yuanyuan Jiang


PAA Social Justice Committee 

Mr. Landon Hildebrand, Chair
Dr. Marianne Hrabok
Ms. Mikaela Burgos
Ms. Joanna Card
Ms. Scarlett Eyben
Mr. Clayton Falk
Ms. Donna Piercy
Ms. Krista Forand


Task Forces


Board Recruitment Task Force

Ms. Lisa McIsaac

Ms. Amrita Bhar

Dr. Sally Maclean


Representatives and Editors


APA Rural Health Coordinator Representative for Alberta

Mr. Robert McGarva


Book Review Editor

Dr. Michelle Vandegriend


Disaster Response Network Coordinator

Dr. Judy Moench


PAA Student Board Representative

Ms. Chelsea Hobbs


Psymposium Editor

Dr. Michelle Vandegriend


Public Education Coordinator Representative to APA

Dr. Janet Miller


SPTA Psychology in the Workplace Network (PWN) Representative to APA

Mr. Don Beeken