PAA Awards & Recognition

PAA Awards

Every two years the PAA recognizes companies, psychologists and other individuals through a series of awards. The 2017 Awards were presented at the PAA Awards & Welcome to the Profession Banquet on 25 May 2017 at Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton. 


Congratulations to all of the 2017 & Previous Award Winners. More...


Nomination Deadline


PAA Awards are given every 2 years, but nominations may be submitted at any time. The Deadline date for submission of the next award nominations is 30 April 2018.

Lifetime Achievement & Excellence Awards


Psychologist of the Year Award
This award is extended to qualifying PAA members to celebrate excellent work being conducted in the field of psychology. This non-monetary award is designed to acknowledge significant achievement or contributions over the previous two year period in any of the following categories – advocacy, clinical / counselling, school / educational, developmental, social, industrial / organizational, and research. Nomination Form 


The Jean & Dick Pettifor Memorial Award 

This award is presented to qualifying PAA members for outstanding career achievements in, or contributions to, the field of psychology.  This award celebrates a long-time enduring contribution to the field of psychology, either within the province of Alberta or in the broader national and international domains. Nomination Form


The Juanita Chambers Excellence in Community Service Award

This award is presented to a psychologist or non-psychologist, in recognition of important work in advancing psychological health, well being and quality of life for Albertans through service to the community or advocacy. Nomination Form   


John G. Paterson Media Award

This award is presented to a psychologist or non-psychologist for their exceptional contribution to portraying psychological knowledge to the public through the media of radio, television, print or electronic communications.  Media contribution to have taken place within two years immediately preceding the submission date of the nomination. Nomination Form


Excellence in Clinical Supervision Award

This award is presented to a registered psychologist whose performance in supervising one or more individuals in any practice area is deemed exemplary during the previous two year period. Nomination Form


Excellence in Teaching Psychology Award

This award is be presented to to a psychologist or non-psychologist who demonstrates “outstanding” teaching of psychology in an Alberta Government approved/authorized institution for post-secondary education. Nomination Form


Research Awards


Undergraduate Thesis Research Award

Undergraduate students are invited to submit a summary of their thesis research of three pages or less based on research which has been completed and evaluated during the past two years. This is a monetary award of $150.00. Nomination Form


Masters’ Thesis Research Award   

Masters level students are invited to submit a summary of their thesis research of five pages or less based on current research which has been completed and defended during the past two years.  This is a monetary award of $300.00. Nomination Form


Doctoral Dissertation Research Award  

Doctoral level students are invited to submit a summary of their dissertation research of five pages or less based on current research which has been completed and defended during the past year.  This is a monetary award of $300.00. Nomination Form


All nominations for Lifetime Achievement & Excellence Awards and Research Awards will be reviewed by the PAA Awards Committee, who will select the recipient of the award. 


Other Awards


Psychologists' Association of Alberta Behavioural Science Award

This award was presented for the first time at the Calgary Youth Science Fair in 2004 and for the first time at the Edmonton Regional Science Fair in 2005.  In 2006, the award was presented for the first time at the Central Alberta Science Fair in Red Deer.  The award is given to the best senior project demonstrating insight into the psychological study of behaviour, emotion and/or cognition.  If no senior project is suitable, the prize may be awarded to an appropriate intermediate or elementary project at the discretion of the judging committee. 


PAA will be continuing its support in presenting an award at all three science fairs in 2018 if a suitable project is submitted.  There is no call for nominations for these awards, the awards are presented based on the judging committee at the youth science fairs.  


Psychologically Healthy Workplace Initiative Award

This award is presented to Alberta organizations that make a commitment to programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being. Award winners may be featured in the media, honoured at special award events, recognized by community leaders and nominated for international recognition. The award is presented to organizations that best exemplify current, practical initiatives that are directly related to employee wellness and engagement.


Examples of various initiatives are:


  • implementation of policies to improve work-life balance
  • initiation of programs for employee growth and development
  • employee recognition programs
  • delivery of stress reduction programs
  • promotion of health and wellness


Receiving the award can give your organization the recognition it deserves for creating a positive work environment. We are now calling for nominations for the 2018 award program.



To nominate an organization for this award or for more information contact:

Mr. Don Beeken



Free Presentation: How to Develop a Psychologically Healthy Workplace


Did you know that psychologically healthy workplaces have 28% less employee turnover and enhance organizational performance and productivity? More...  


PAA has a free presentation on the psychologically healthy workplace, which can be obtained by contacting the PAA Office.


PAA Recognizes Two Alberta Organizations for the 2017 Healthy Workplace Award.  The Press Release is available here.