Notice to PAA Members: A continuing education reciprocity agreement between the PAA, the British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA) and the Psychological Society of Saskatchewn (PSS) has been entered into between our respective associations offering registration to the three associations' respective continuing education programs at the same fees that each of these associations would charge to their own members.


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Commercial for-profit companies may advertise events for a nominal fee. Non-profit associations may advertise events at no charge at the discretion of the PAA office.
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Ongoing Events:

EPPP Psychology Written Exam Preparation
Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences Comprehensive Preparation Materials and Workshops for EPPP


For further information contact: Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences at 1-800-472-1931 or website:

Office of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development 

Upcoming Courses

The University of Calgary CME Office offers a variety of courses and programs to meet your learning needs. 

Upcoming Courses
CME now offers online registration for many of our courses. Click Here to register! 




If you have any questions regarding our courses, please e-mail us

For a more comprehensive listing of CME events, please click here.

Programs offered through CME:


  • Are evidence-based, objective & balanced 
  • Are eligible for study credits 
  • Meet accepted standards of scientific integrity 
  • Have specific learning objectives for participants 
  • Are developed by planning committees comprised of individuals from relevant backgrounds  

Continuing Education Programs
Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary - This site will have the listings of our programs

Catholic Social Services Family Living Program 

Winter 2015

Group Therapy Schedule

  • Anger Therapy Support Group
  • Depression Therapy Support Group
  • Mindfulness Therapy Support Group
  • Couples Cmmunication Therapy Support Group

All groups are now being professionally faciliated by a Registered (Provisional) Psychlogist or a Registered Social Worker.

For more information or to register, please contact Kari Boult at (780) 420 - 6081 or 


Outline of Programs





Catholic Social Services' Family Living Program is now offering the following workshops:

Anger Therapy Support Group

Depression Therapy Support Group

Mindfulmess Therapy Support Group

Couples Communication Therapy Support Group

For more information or to register, please contact Kari Boult at

780 420 6081 or


Please note that ALL groups are now being professionally facilitated by a Registered (Provisional) Psychologist or a Registered Clinical Social Worker.  Receipts will be provided for extended health care benefit reimbursement.

Best Marriages
Counselling and Workshop Centre

Gottman Certification Training and Workshops
Calgary & Vancouver

  • Gottman Level 1 & 2 Training
  • Gottman Level 3 Training
  • The Art & Science of Love - A two-day Gottman Workshop for Couples

For more info. call: 604-539-5277 or email:


Workshops outline