Notice to PAA Members: A continuing education reciprocity agreement between the PAA, the British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA) and the Psychological Society of Saskatchewn (PSS) has been entered into between our respective associations offering registration to the three associations' respective continuing education programs at the same fees that each of these associations would charge to their own members.


British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA) website:


Psychological Society of Saskatchewan (PSS) website:


Idaho Psychological Association (IPA) website: 


The following is a list of other non-PAA training/workshop events.


Scroll down the list to view all the events that are listed (using the scroll bar immediately to the right of the list). 

Commercial for-profit companies may advertise events for a nominal fee. Non-profit associations may advertise events at no charge at the discretion of the PAA office.
Please contact the PAA office at (780) 424-0294 or toll free at 1-888-424-0297 for further information.

Ongoing Events:

EPPP Psychology Written Exam Preparation
Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences Comprehensive Preparation Materials and Workshops for EPPP


For further information contact: Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioural Sciences at 1-800-472-1931 or website:

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Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Continuing Education Programs - This site will have the listings of our programs

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UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education

Interprofessional Continuing Education is a non-for profit organization within the University of British Columbia that provides interdisciplinary conferences to various health professionals. Conferences offered on an annual or biennial basis include:  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder; The Early Years; International Seating Symposium; Mental Health; Obesity, Diabetes.

Please visit for the complete listing of our upcoming conferences.

Please call 604-827-3112 or email: for more information about our initiatives.

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Now Offers Graduate Courses in Psychological Assessment

A graduate certificate may be obtained by taking 3 courses; a graduate diploma would require 6 courses.

Key areas of emphasis include: Personality, Intellectual, Forensic & Neuropsychological Assessment or Psychopathology and Diagnosis. Topics are covered in 3-credit courses focusing either on skills and theory or practical experience. Professional Ethics, Group Counselling, and Research Methods are also offered.

Courses are targeted to meet the needs of post-baccalaureate students, including those at the Master’s level who desire mentorship in specific areas of theory and practice. Registered Psychologists who wish to update or enhance their skills have also acquired professional skills through our program.

For further info see:

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Best Marriages

Counselling and Workshop Centre


Gottman Certification Training and Workshops

Calgary & Vancouver


  • Gottman Level 1 & 2 Training
  • Gottman Level 3 Training
  • The Art & Science of Love - A two-day Gottman Workshop for Couples


For more info. call: 604-539-5277 or e-mail:


Workshop outlines

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