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March, 2018

March to November 2018


Refugee Awareness for Enhanced Service Delivery is a project by the Centre for Race and Culture to provide accurate and comprehensive information about refugees to host communities. This free educational workshop will support individuals and organizations in understanding the pre-migration experiences of refugees, offer practical tools for working with refugee families, and provide ideas for creating welcoming and inclusive environments that ensure sustainable and successful resettlement of refugees in Alberta. It is being offered in 2 formats – full day (6 hrs) and half day (3 hrs). Please feel free to contact Elli Dehnavi ( to book your session.


The key learning objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Learn about refugee pathways and the global and historical contexts to the most recent resettlement efforts
  • Describe barriers and opportunities when working with refugee individuals and families
  • Practice using reflective and analytical tools to build their inclusive and equitable practices for refugee individuals and families
  • Plan for modifications to policies or service-delivery practices to create more inclusive environments

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September, 2018

Fulfillment and Meaning in Life: Introduction to Existential Analysis

A 3 Day Seminar


Date and Location

Friday, Sept. 28 – Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Location: Concordia University of Edmonton

7128 Ada Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 4E4


Facilitated by Rochelle Chapman, Existential Analyst, MA, RCC


Existential Analysis (EA) offers the possibility of a life led with inner consent – commitment, engagement, and freedom to choose.


Seminar Description

This three-day seminar would be a valuable professional development for any therapist interested in the existential/humanistic framework. The seminar also functions as Part 1 of two introductory prerequisite seminars for the official training in Existential Analysis through GLE-International. If you are interested in the next training cohort, participating in this Introduction Seminar is the place to start.


Existential Analysis (EA) and Logotherapy, as developed by Viktor Frankl and elaborated by Alfried Längle, will be introduced as a practical approach to therapy.  The focus will be the development of the person of the therapist through experiential and dialogical exercises. The main topics covered in this seminar include:

-        the historical background of Logotherapy and its relationship to EA

-        key definitions of Logotherapy and EA

-        introduction to the structural model of EA – 4 existential themes

-        an experiential study of the central concept of Inner consent

-        the dialogical relationship in therapy and life

-        EA view of psychology, subjectivity, and phenomenology

-        how diagnosis is handled

-        core elements of the EA approach

-        experiential study of the central concept of motivation



Contact Rochelle Chapman – or 604-813-1270


$380 professional/$270 student rate

register by Sept. 7 for early bird rate: $340 professional/$240 students


This seminar is sponsored by Existential Analysis Canada. Visit for more information about our approach and the training we offer.

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October, 2018

October 18, 2018




Presented by: Aulneu Renewal Centre


Did you know that anxiety relates to attachment?  Insecure attachment and attachment disruption contribute to the development of anxiety.

The goal of this workshop is to give counselors, therapists, social service and mental health care providers an understanding of anxiety from an attachment perspective and to introduce effective interventions that incorporate attachment.  This information will be of interest to anyone working with children, adolescents, adults and families.  

Tools and resources will be discussed to prevent anxiety by establishing secure attachment.  Attachment based, and brain-based approaches will be discussed that can be implemented in a variety of settings from home to the therapists office. 


Location: Calgary, Alberta


For registration and additional information ... more

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November, 2018

November 6-9, 2018

Level 1 Theraplay & MIM Training with Evangeline Munns
Betuned, Calgary, AB


Theraplay® is a child and family therapy based on the natural patterns of playful, healthy interaction between parent and child. It is used to build and enhance attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement.

Learning Objectives for Level One Theraplay & MIM:

  • Administer & interpret the MIM.
  • List 3 goals to be achieved during a MIM feedback session with parents.
  • Utilize the MIM as a guide for treatment planning.
  • Describe the four dimensions of Theraplay.
  • Demonstrate one activity from each dimension: Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge.
  • Describe 3 ways of adapting Theraplay treatment to meet the needs of a child with complex trauma.
  • Describe how to guide parents to participate in a Theraplay treatment session.


Level One training prepares participants to begin using Theraplay- Informed Practice in their work.

To Register:


Contact: Adriana Sorbo, R. Psych. 403-969-5026

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Basic Introductory Hypnosis Workshop in Sherwood Park


The Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis – Alberta Society is pleased to present our Fall Basic Introductory Hypnosis Workshop in Sherwood Park, November 16 – 18, 2018.    This 20 hour structured workshop consists of lectures, demonstrations and role-plays, videos of expert therapists, small group practice, and written material. For more information, please visit our website at or call 1 800 386 7230.

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