2018 Psychology Month Events


February 2018 is national Psychology Month

The goal of Psychology Month is to raise Canadian's awareness of the role that psychology plays in our lives, our schools, our communities, & our employment.  Psychology month is an excellent opportunity for public education & promotion of the profession.


Materials can be obtained from the PAA office to assist with your promotional activities
 during Psychology Month.


2018 Psychology Month Events in Alberta

PAA’s display board and Psychology Month materials will be exhibited and displayed at the following Psychology Month Events:



PAA will be increasing its social media outputs (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN) in February in recognition of Psychology Month. 


Throughout the month St. Albert, Castle Downs and 20 Calgary Public Libraries will display information on mental health and psychology. The displays include information about PAA and psychological concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and parenting. Ms. Erin Buhr organized this event.


Throughout the month Medicine Hat Public Library will display information on mental health and psychology. Their display includes information about PAA and psychological concerns such as Value of Choosing a Psychologist, School Psychology, depression, ADHD, and parenting. Mr. Christopher Shorrock organized this event.


Throughout the month MacEwan University peer health educator team will display information on several tabling events on mental health and psychology during Psychology Month. Their display includes information about PAA and psychological concerns such as Value of Choosing a Psychologist, Healthy Workplace, depression, anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, eating disorder, insomnia and parenting. Ms. Tamara Lane organized this event.


February 1st – Dr. Lana Hawkins, Dr. Kerry Mothersill and Dr. Judi Malone provided a PowerPoint presentation to 29 participants entitled Psychology Month Kick Off - Updates and Opportunities for 2018 at a Practice Wise session for Alberta Health Services.  Practice Wise sessions are a weekly session provided by Clinicians, leaders, regulators, researchers, and educators as a forum to share their experiences and clinically relevant information.


Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta & Silver Linings Foundation, have coordinated Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) across Alberta during Feb. 1 – 7th.


February 2nd – A workshop for parents, teachers, health professionals "Body Image, Eating Disorders, & Youth" was held at Alberta Children's Hospital.

February 2nd – Ms. Ashley Wanamaker, Ms. Tanya Hutchinson, Dr. Natasha Kutlesa, and Dr. Angela Grace provided a panel discussion about body image at the EDAW film screening of "Straight/Curve".

February 3rd – Dr. Angela Grace and Dr. Natasha Kutlesa, facilitated a workshop for fitness professionals on Eating Disorders: Awareness & Risk Mitigation in the Fitness World. 

February 3 - March 2nd - Ms. Ashley Wanamaker and Ms. Carrie Le will facilitate a Body Project group in Calgary.

February 5th - Interactive Paint Night to celebrate Eating Disorder recovery.

February 6th - Smashed bathroom scales to liberate students from weight-related issues will be held at Mount Royal University.

February 9 - March 3rd - Dr. Angela Grace will be facilitating a Body Project group with Ms. Ashley Wanamaker.

February 9 - March 3rd - Dr. Angela Grace will be conducting a yoga/mindfulness workshop for individuals recovering from eating disorders.

Five media awareness presentations will be provided to TV & radio throughout EDAW, promoting eating disorder prevention & treatment and Dr. Shelly Russell-Mayhew is working with a team at the U of C to create a Comprehensive School Health course to teach pre-service teachers how to teach health & wellness & promote mental health in schools.

February 15 – 16th  

2018 Calgary City Teachers’ Convention will be held at Telus Convention Centre and manned by Ms. Terrill Schumaker, Ms. Connie Leclair, Ms. Dee Dee Kay and Ms. Rosalynde Hill.


February 22 – 23rd  

2018 South Western Alberta Teachers Convention will be held at the University of Lethbridge and manned by Ms. Allison Stott and Ms. Joanne Lavergne


February 23rd – The 6th Annual Psychology Day will provide several exciting presentations at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary to Health, Mental Health and Addictions staff.  A display will also be provided to include more information on PAA psychological concerns.


March 1 – 2nd

2018 Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention was held at the Shaw Conference Centre and manned by Ms. Erin Buhr, Ms. Shristi Bali and Mr. Christopher Armstrong


Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time to promote Psychology